Ethics and Corruption

Annapolis is filled with career politicians and it seems like every year there are investigations into legislators and Annapolis insiders who have broken the law or violate ethics rules. We deserve better. This year multiple legislators were charg...

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Illegal Immigration

I oppose sanctuary cities and will introduce legislation to penalize counties and municipal governments that declare themselves as sanctuary areas for illegal immigrants. This country was founded on a system of rights and laws, we cannot have one ...

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Taxes and Spending

For too many years the liberal Democrats in Annapolis have treated Maryland taxpayers and businesses like an ATM machine. Businesses are leaving the state and taking jobs with them. I worked with Change Maryland to get out Larry Hogan’s message a...

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Jobs and The Economy

As I meet with small business owners and families in the district, I constantly hear that we need more jobs, lower fees, and less red tape for businesses. As a former small business owner, I am committed to supporting policies to help individuals ...

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